KYGC(Kwale Youth Governance and Consortium) is a consortium of many community organizations which form the KYGC General Assembly. KYGC was formed and duly registered in late 2010 soon after the promulgation of the Kenyan constitution, in 2010. The main aim towards this formation was to promote youth to participate in governance affairs

What We Do

Youth Empowerment

By socially mobilizing youth & women, we improve their social, economical & political skills while introducing them to new opportunities


Education in reproductive health, family planning counseling, awareness regarding sexually transmitted disease, HIV/AIDS

Micro-Enterprise Dev.

Help in skill development and income generation in order to achieve a financially stable economy from the grass roots

Human Rights

We push for equality for women, children, special children, minorities, and socially excluded groups in the community

Environment and Sanitation

Raise awareness in the importance of environmental conservation and sanitation to ensure equilibrium balance in the eco-system

Research and Publications

We conduct research on various issues and bring out a quarterly newsletter Auratazad on women and Youth issues

We Need You to be part of the solution. Help us effect real positive change in the community

Why Work With Us

At KYGC, we believe in transparency and accountability in order to ensure all our actions are directly targeted towards improving and achieving our goals


All our activities are conducted under maximum transparency leading to great service deliverance


We are exceptionally accountable in our daily deeds and this ensure we achieve ideal results from our goals.


KYGC is reliable from all aspects be it from a donor's or community view we strive to deliver as promised

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