Our History

KYGC is a consortium of many community organizations which form the KYGC General Assembly. KYGC was formed and duly registered in late 2010 soon after the promulgation of the Kenyan constitution, in 2010. The fact that the New Kenyan Constitution had provided many opportunities for youth to participate in governance affairs provided the main thrust for its formation.

Here are a few reason to work with us:

  • KYGC envisages an open, transparent and accountable Governance System anchored in National Values and Principles of Governance.
  • KYGC aims at being the leading youth led Organization in the clamour of Good Governance.
  • Using ICT to promote Good Governance through the e-governance system.

The KYGC leadership structure encompasses; - The Executive Council which acts as the KYGC Secretariat, thematic departments with leaders of solid minds with experience and knowledge in various fields such as ICT, Law, Procurement, Accounting, Business Management, Public Finance among others who are guided and bound by robust Organization ethos and policies